Monday, April 17, 2017

8 Must Read Business News From Indonesia and The World

8 Must Read Business News From 

Indonesia and The World

Handpicked by Our Team

What Makes A CEO ‘Exceptional’?

Our focus was on the top 5 percent of the CEOs in our sample as a whole whose companies’ returns to shareholders had increased by more than 500 percent over their tenure. We contrasted this group both with our full sample and with a subset of CEOs whose companies achieved top-quintile performance during their tenure as compared with their peers.

Why Uber Won’t Fire Its CEO

As the calamities amass at Ubermany people — including me — have called for new leadership. Usually, the job of hiring and firing a CEO falls to a company’s board of directors. Yet in a March 21 phone call with the press, board member Arianna Huffington said that Uber’s board had not even discussed the matter.

Indonesia Regulator Expects Fintech Firms To Double To 250 By Year-End

Indonesia – the largest economy in the south east Asian region – is betting on the great big fintech opportunity riding on its demographics and unbanked population. Indonesia, which has already seen the emergence of 130 fintech companies, is expecting this number to double in a year with $3.6 billion worth of transactions on this model over the next one year.

Go-Jek’s Food Delivery Beats All Indian Food Startups Combined: Piotr Jakubowski

When one brings up Go-Jek as a conversation, one is not just talking about a tech-based ride-hailing business in Indonesia. Be prepared to also reflect on the whole startup ecosystem in emerging markets, integrated solution, the world, and eventually the meaning of life.

Indonesia: General Atlantic-Backed Starbucks Operator MAP Boga Mulls IPO This Year

Starbucks operator MAP Boga Adiperkasa, which is also backed by American equity firm General Atlantic, is planning to tap the capital market this year. Parent company Mitra Adiperkasa (MAP Group) confirmed recently that the process of initial public offering (IPO) – where it plans to sell 20 percent stake – has already begun. 

Jay-Z’s Shortsighted Spotify Purge Won’t Help Tidal–Or His Fans

I am, admittedly, worth far less than $610 million. So far be it from me to critique the business acumen of Shawn Carter—the rapper and entrepreneur better known as Jay Z—who Forbes says is worth about that much. But something about his latest move doesn’t seem destined for success.

Apple Mulls Throwing Its Weight Behind £21.5bn Bid For Toshiba Chip Business

Apple may wade into the bidding war for Toshiba’s memory chip business by teaming up with its Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn to secure a slice of the world's second-biggest flash memory chipmaker.

Entrepreneurs Are Prone to Creative Self-Destruction. Here's How To Stay Grounded and Succeed.

The world's smallest violins come out for CEOs, the ones with the cushiest, most glamorous, most exhilarating job that totally sucks to do.
Everybody, it seems, in my startup community in New York was reading the brutal story about the underwear-maker Thinx's CEO this week -- the stories about incredible misbehavior that led to her being out.
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