Monday, January 29, 2018

Memory and Meditation

Memory and Meditation – A Neuroscientist in Conversation with Sri Sri

More than twenty years ago, Dr. Todd Sacktor, a neuroscientist at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, discovered the enzyme that may well be the engine that drives long-term memory. During his trip to Bangalore, India to discuss his research at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Dr. Sactor met with Sri Sri. Dr. Sacktor comes from a modern medical understanding of the brain and Sri Sri speaks from an ancient eastern perspective making this a very interesting and engaging conversation between the two.…… P.S. 11:10 – Dr. Sacktor fed the ashram elephant, Indrani, just before this conversation and even had a small ride on it. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar founded The Art of Living as an international, non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization in 1982. Its educational and self-development programs offer powerful tools to eliminate stress and foster a sense of well-being through powerful breathing techniques such as Sudarshan Kriya and Yoga. Appealing not only to a specific population, these practices have proven effective globally at all levels of society. What is Yoga? The secret to health and happiness lies deep within every human. Yoga is the science of discovering one’s own self – the very source of pure consciousness, peace and bliss. Everyone knows that we don’t feel good and we get stressed when there is disharmony in our lives, when our bodies are tired and our busy minds constantly chatter and judge. Through the discipline of Yoga we become more aware of ourselves by doing simple postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation to rejuvenate the body and quite the mind. It is in this manner that we cultivate harmony in ourselves. What is Meditation? Settling the surface mind is meditation. Living in the present is meditation. Relaxing deeply is meditation. When you are really happy, reposing in love, you are meditating. Meditation is that space when the thoughts have subsided, and the mind is in complete rest. What is Sudarshan Kriya? Sudarshan Kriya incorporates specific natural rhythms of the breath which harmonize the body, mind and emotions. This unique breathing technique eliminates stress, fatigue and negative emotions such as anger, frustration and depression, leaving you calm yet energized, focused & yet relaxed. It increases energy, improves intuition and makes you innovative. Millions around the world have done this unique practice and have reported better quality of life.

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