Thursday, May 3, 2018

Happiness is meditating!

rumahremedi.idHappiness is meditating!
In Rumah Remedi, we have meditating class for Remedians from Monday to Thursday. Each class starts from 7.30pm sharp.
On Mondays, we have Body Appreciation Meditation class where we express our thankfulness and give positive vibration to our body that would help our bodies to better heal and stay healthy. .
On Tuesdays, we have stress releasing class where we release negative emotions and channel positive energy to the universe to call in what we desire. .
On Wednesdays, we have #wellbeingwednesday class where we talk about how to improve our wellbeing and meditate accordingly with various methods and techniques
On Thursdays, we have Meditasi Bahagia where we focus on our hearts. We open our hearts and channel unconditional love energy that aligned ourselves with the universe.
What if Remedians never meditate? Feel free to come since the classes are designed to accommodate beginners in Meditation 🙏✨🌞
We hope you had a great day today Remedians.

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